Our process leads to your success. We can be involved from concept to settlement.

The procedure we follow consists of FVR identifying your site, assessment planning and liaising with engineers for their assessment. We guide you with legal and tax advice and conduct a market research to anaylise a business market fit. We would also discuss an exit strategy for you to consider. Many businesses get caught out by not planning ahead with a plan b, so we have added this to our process. A sign authority is then created and we launch to market.

FVR share the asset to their high net worth network which creates qualified leads. We manage enquiries and lead prospects to begin negotiation. The sale is finalised, contract is executed, we pop champaign and wait for settlement.


  • Site Identification
  • Planning Assessment
  • Engineering Assessment
  • Legal and Tax Advice
  • Market Research
  • Retail Advice and Exit Strategy
  • Sign Authority
  • Launch to Market
  • Manage Enquiry
  • Negotiation with Prospects
  • Contract Execution
  • Settlement


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